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Roma Venues - Personalised Venue Finding & Management Service

About Us

Teresa and the team have years of experience in Venue Finding and Event Management. Offering a unique specialised service in venue finding for organisations and individuals whether it is Business or Pleasure.

Teresa’s Profile

A combination of bringing up a family and a busy career in the travel business constituted the first 27 years of my working life.

In 2001 I moved into the Hotel industry then into the diverse world of Event Management. I was involved in the organisation and the delivery of events throughout the U.K. I continue to pursue my passion for travel visiting many countries overseas.

I have always been intrigued by the different types of venues and interested in the services and facilities they have to offer.

I realised I was developing skills that I could not easily use working for other people so in 2006 Roma Venues was launched, a Personalised Venue Finding and Management Service.

With an eye for detail, the knowledge of the different types services that venues can offer, knowing what questions to ask and how to avoid the pitfalls, Roma Venues is proving a success and is providing some exciting times for all involved. 

The Team

The team come from various professions and working backgrounds they include;

The Airline and Travel Industry, Hotel and Leisure, Events and Venue Finding and Government Organisations
Experiences include: Event Management, Project Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, and Customer Service.
Working and dealing with people at all levels from all walks of life:
Members of the Public, CE’s, Directors, Government Officials, Royalty and


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