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Roma Venues - Specialist Venue Finders And Management Services

Fees and Expenses

The client is charged by the hour on a sliding scale as follows.

Up to 2 hours £100

2 to 5 hours £200

5 to 8 hours £400

Over 8 hours £40 per hour

50% fee will be paid in advance on non-refundable basis as a prerequisite for hiring of Services.

The balance 50% fee shall become payable at the time of issue of Confirmation of Booking by the Client.

Roma Venues will confirm the client's booking with the venue upon receipt of the final payment. If Services carried out by Roma on behalf of the client exceed the scope for such Services over a reasonable period from the commencement date, an additional charge may be incurred to the client.

All bookings shall be deemed to be provisional unless and until full payment is received from the client.



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